Meet Air

Smart HR software designed for small & medium businesses.

Air HR software essentials, central and secure

All your HR essentials in one place to make it easy

Store your team’s essential information in one safe, central location. Say goodbye to messy spreadsheets.

Simple and beautiful, so your team will love it

Air starts with a very simple and beautiful user experience. As your needs grow you can extend the platform with Apps for Air.

Air HR software simple and automated

Automated to save you time and keep you compliant

Air automates a lot of your HR processes, sending reminders about tasks, first days, birthdays, holidays, and more.

Join 500+ businesses and 3000+ people already using Air

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What people are saying

  • "Air is so beautiful and simple that the whole team uses it. It’s freed up more time for me to follow my passion in helping people do their jobs better!"

    Suzanne – Director, Powershift
  • "We've been on Air for a week and it’s already proving to be useful. I would strongly suggest getting your team on it."
    Jan Kolasinski Air HR Client
    Jan – Founder, Bluetel Solutions
  • "Air is great because everything is organised and accessible when I need it. Plus, my team is more self sufficient because they can login to update details and book holidays."

    Emily – JC Social Media

A different approach to HR software

Start with the essentials

Beautiful and simple (and not full of stuff you don’t use regularly).

Integrate new features as your needs grow

Advanced features so you can say goodbye to switching between services for tasks.